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Jay's Guns & Accessories IV Shooting Range
Panama City, FL


Hours of operation: Tue - Sun, 10AM - 6PM CST    Closed Monday

Range Information:
Membership Pricing: $50 per year, includeds first hour of shooting and membership to Baker outdoor range. Membership is optional.
Shooting fee: $10 per hour for members, $20 per hour for non-members

Pistol Lanes: 12 lanes from 7 feet to 75 feet
Machinegun Lane: From 7 feet to 75 feet
Rapid fire/Class III is ok as long as it is done in a safe manner.

Certified range officials are on hand at all times. The range is constantly monitored for safety and shooter assistance.

There are many firearms for rent, including machine guns, silencers, and an assortment of handguns.

Rentals fees are:
Firearms: $10 per day, machine guns: $25 per 25 rnd magazine, silencers: $10 per day.
Firearms: $20 per day, machine guns: $50 per 25 rnd magazine, silencers: $20 per day.

Class Information: All instructors are certified NRA instructors.
Concealed Weapon class: This class qualifies for Florida State requirements for a Concealed Carry Permit. You will recieve a certificate for completion of this class.
The class is approximatly 4 hours, you will need to have a concealable firearm and ammo. If you cannot provide your own firearm, you can rent one from us for this class.
Call for schedule.

Other classes: Classes for advanced concealed carry, marksmanship, long range target shooting, and anything else you may need are available on a one-on-one case. Call for pricing and to setup a time. You will be required to be a member of the range, have either attended the concealed weapon class or another acceptable safety course (our discretion) and provide a suitable firearm for the instruction that you request.

Contact Information:
Phone: 850-785-4686
Email: jaysguns4@yahoo.com

3219 Highway 390 West
Panama City, FL 32405


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